black and white hospital bed in the middle of interior building

Hospital Planning And Design

Salac Greenworld Architects (SGA) specializes in hospital planning and design--- of which requires technical expertise on space planning, operational processes, and efficient overall design of healthcare facilities that promote healing, enhance patient safety and comfort, optimize staff workflow, and support efficient healthcare delivery. SGA is dedicated in providing clients with efficient yet flexible designs that can sustainably adapt to the ever-changing healthcare practices and advancement in medical technology.

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Detailed Architectural Design

Architectural Design involves the professional planning, conceptualization, and detailed architectural design process of various developments and building types, emphasizing not only on the aesthetics but more so on the efficiency, functionality, technical considerations, and compliance to the building code and other regulations.

Complete Architectural and  Engineering Design

SGA and its allied engineers work collaboratively to provide a holistic project design which involves not only the architectural aspect but also the necessary engineering systems. This more comprehensive design service integrates the expertise of architects and engineers to deliver cohesive, efficient, and innovative solutions in terms of structural, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and auxiliary systems, all tailored based on the project requirements and client needs.

Design and Build

SGA’s Design and Build services provide clients with a streamlined project delivery by integrating design and construction expertise within a single team who will oversee all aspects of the project. From initial design through to construction execution, SGA manages every aspect of the process. This unified project management approach and seamless integration of architectural design, engineering expertise, and construction management allows a cohesive workflow, promoting efficiency and enhance collaboration with the clients throughout the project lifecycle.